Chambers & Station

Mt Eden / Residential / $12.5m / 6 Apartments

Chambers & Station

Mt Eden / Residential / $12.5m / 6 Apartments

Auckland has limited heritage buildings of the quality and with the history of the Mt Eden Municipal Council Chambers building built pre-World War 1 in 1912 and the Mt Eden Fire Station built between the two World wars in 1925. As a pair these buildings are unique and the aim of the project was to restore them into luxury apartments to last the next 100 years and to reflect their eras and styles.

Chambers and Station comprises of two historic, culturally and architecturally significant heritage buildings, preserved and developed into six luxury apartments. The original impressive interiors were restored to keep the historic character of the buildings.

The design philosophy was to retain and enhance the original heritage values of the buildings despite the adaptations required for a drastically new use. It was considered important to retain the separate characteristics of each of the two buildings while still creating a functional link between the Council Chambers and the Fire Station.

A new link was designed in structural glass and implemented using lightweight construction techniques in order to ensure that the heritage buildings remained dominant.
Numerous structural steel cross bracing diaphragms, ceiling diaphragms and floor diaphragms were installed in order to bring the original structure up to 100% seismic requirements while retaining the heritage facade.

A mix of sensational design details, the use of high quality products and restoration methods have ensured that the buildings were finished to an exceptional standard.

The completed apartments boast large living areas, bespoke architecture and design that is thought out in every detail and aspect. The two penthouse apartments offer great views west and towards the city. The site is positioned in a great location, surrounded by amenities, close proximity to the city and in a double grammar zone.

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